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Australian Grown Longevity Trio

Australian Grown Longevity Trio

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✓  Herbalist formulated ✓  Efficacious + GMP extracted ✓ Rapidly Absorbed ✓ 100% Australian grown ✓ No strong taste and clumping like powder

Improve your stress response and immune system, reduce cortisol and anxiety, heal your skin and nourish your nervous system with the Australian grown longevity trio. 

Each Lion's mane batch is tested for beta glucans with a minimum 15% and the presence of active compounds including erinacines.

Apothecary bundle includes

1 x Lion's Mane 50ml tincture

1 x Lion's Mane + Turmeric 50ml tincture

1 x Reishi + Chamomile 50ml tincture

+ *Bonus GIFT* 1 x Lion's mane 50ml tincture

How to use

Take 1-3ml of your chosen tincture in water, tea, coffee, juice or smoothie. Can also be taken under the tongue if you don't mind the strength, mixed into a beverage it is undetectable.

If adding to a smoothie, do not add tincture before blending, mix into the smoothie after it has been blitzed to ensure that the compounds are kept intact. Unlike powders it is easy to add and mix in.

Take 1-2 tinctures at a time for best results.

Reishi + Chamomile is a great pre bedtime tonic.

Herbal Actions

Lion's Mane: Brain health, stimulation of neurogenesis, gut health support, anti - inflammatory, immune modulator

Reishi + Chamomile: Sleep, nervous system support, skin health, immune modulator.

Lion's Mane + Turmeric: Liver restorative, stimulation of neurogenesis, anti inflammatory, immune modulator.

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95% of the herbal supplement market is imported, Adaptual® is the Australian grown solution

We are the largest direct to consumer Australian grown apothecary and exists to champion the unmatched quality of Australian grown herbs.

Did you know imported herbs are fumigated with methyl bromide at customs? This is listed carcinogen by the World Health Organisation and is also terrible for the environment. Adaptual herbs are pure, organic and 100% Australian grown, with NO compromises.