Orders and shipping

What countries do you ship to?


Australia, New Zealand.


Korea, China, Japan, Singapore.

The Americas

USA, Canada.


England, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Spain.

How long does it take for you to dispatch orders?

We aim to get all orders dispatched within 24 hours of ordering during the weekday period.

International shipping time: 6-15 days

Australia: 2-4 days

New Zealand: 3-7 days

*Shipping times are a guide only, there may be fluctuations.

Where are orders dispatched from?

All orders are currently dispatched from our dispatch warehouse in Victoria, Australia.


Why amber bottles?

Herbs, vitamins and minerals are photosensitive which means light will degrade the quality and potency. Amber bottles protect the contents from light stressors which can impact the active constituents and lower shelf life. In our opinion all tea and tinctures should be kept in amber, if not the quality is not guaranteed.

Where should I keep my herbal products?

To preserve the beneficial compounds please keep your herbal products out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources eg. on top of a coffee machine if you use your tinctures in coffee.

Herb questions

Are all of your products Organic?

Yes, all of our herbs and mushrooms are organically grown using chemical free farming principles in Australia. We are working on a certification.

What is an adaptogen?

Adaptogen: a specific category of herbs, roots or plant materials within herbal medicine that contain unique compounds that when taken work within the body to enhance the body's physical and cellular resilience to stressors both internally and environmentally. They can have a restorative, balancing and anti-aging impact as well as being beneficial for the immune system, nervous system health, brain function and overall longevity.

The term ‘Adaptogen’ was introduced in 1947 by Soviet scientists Lazarev and Brekhman however herbs within this category have been used for millennia within traditional healing systems including Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Native American medicine, Kampo medicine + more.

What is a tincture or extract and why is it better?

Without extraction it is not possible to get the full medicinal potential out of a herb, root or mushroom. We use a traditional extraction/tincture making process using a solvent and water to break down the cell walls and draw out and dissolve the beneficial compounds we want into potent and easily absorbed liquid. Alcohol and water are used to get a full spectrum of compounds- some compounds are water soluble while others need a solvent for their extraction.

Many brands boast ‘whole food’ and consuming the whole plant as being the best, and while it is good it is not true medicine. A plant or mushroom is compromised with high levels of fiber and water, once the water is removed through drying you are left with a large portion of fiber and non bioavailable forms of compounds. I like to picture a juicer when explaining this, though we do not ‘juice’ in the extraction process it is still a good way to visualize why an extract is the best way to consume plant medicine.

The fiber that comes out of the juiced vegetables/fruit vs the high vitamin/mineral rich juice. Our bodies also utilize up to 98% of the tincture when taken in comparison to a tablet which is around 50%.

Whilst whole dried mushroom or plants are still healthy it is not the most potent or bioavailable source of plant medicine it is just like eating a food not taking a bioavailable and science backed extract.

Are your products manufactured and tested in accordance with GMP?

Yes, all of our products are manufactured in a GMP environment, triple micro tested and osmosis filtered to ensure the highest quality and safest products are made for you.

Are all your herbs organic?

Yes, all of our herbs are organic and grown in Australia by Adaptual and our farming network.

Are all of your herbs and products grown and made in Australia?

Yes, all herbs are 100% Australian grown by Adaptual and our farming network. We do not sell any herbs that we do not grow and never will. Australian grown herbalism is our thing and we believe in full farming transparency and farm to bottle herbalism. This may mean seasonality with some products. All products are also manufactured and filled in Australia.

Why is the extraction process important?

For herbs to reach their full potential an extract needs to take place. This can be either a solvent based extraction aka a tincture or a hot water extraction aka tea preparation or decoction.

Why is there alcohol in the extracts?

Alcohol is a functional ingredient in traditional herbalism. It serves 3 purposes:

  1. Extraction- some compounds within a plant/root or mushroom can only be received when extracted using a solvent.
  2. Natural preservative
  3. Fast absorption- tinctures are absorbed. Our bodies use up to 98% of the tincture compared to around 50% in a tablet.

Do you use only 100% fruit body for your mushroom extracts?

Yes, we only use 100% fruit body. No mycelium, grains, fillers or reconstituted materials.

Many brands boast the benefits of mycelium however it is cheaper to produce and does not contain high levels of compounds, our consulting mycologists and from personal experience using mycelium based products- there is no comparison. A fruit body extract is superior.