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Australian Reishi + Chamomile Tincture

Australian Reishi + Chamomile Tincture

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Daily herbal tonic for stress, skin, sleep, immunity and nervous system support.

✓  Herbalist formulated ✓  Efficacious ✓ Rapidly Absorbed ✓ 100% Australian grown ✓ No strong taste and clumping like powders  

Allow the soothing and immune boosting compounds within our reishi + chamomile blend to support, balance and cocoon your mind and body. 

Australia's only 100% fruit body reishi extracted within hours of harvest. 


Ingredients: Water, alcohol, 100% fresh Australian grown & organic Reishi mushroom (fruit body only), 100% Australian grown & organic chamomile flowering tops (Chamomilla matricaria).


Do not consume if you have a culinary mushroom allergy.

Consult your primary health care practitioner before starting new any new health regime. 

The information provided is not intended to and does not substitute medical advice.

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Reishi mushroom is regarded as the ‘mushroom of immortality’ by ancient herbalists and used for improving the body's stress response, boosting overall wellbeing and immunity and nourishing a calm mind for a deep and restful sleep.

Chamomile is a calming herb classically known to soothe and unwind the mind and support digestive complaints such as IBS, excessive flatulence and reflux.