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Hair Growth Ritual

Hair Growth Ritual

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2 step pre wash ritual for rapid growth, improved density, scalp health and hair quality using plant science and herbal compounds. 

Mineral Scalp Activator 50ml + Hair growth oil 90ml (Set contains 2 products) 

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✓ Psoriasis + eczema safe ✓ High strength organic actives ✓ Postpartum hairloss ✓ Easy to wash out ✓ Prevents dandruff + build up ✓ Efficacious ✓ 100% Australian grown 

Herbs are your new beauty routine essential. The Adaptual® 2 step growth treatment is a revolutionary pre wash ritual that combines a water soluble activator and a nourishing scalp oil to improve scalp density, soothe the scalp and encourage rapid growth. Utilising both the water soluble phytocompounds and oil based compounds separately ensures an efficacious and filler free product. 


Mineral Scalp Activator 

Aloe vera juice, Native snow flower extract, Tasmanian kelp extract.  

Hair Growth Oil 

Heirloom pumpkin seed oil, almond oil, hair growth essential oil blend: rosemary, parsley seed, peppermint.

Allergen: contains nuts (Almonds). 

How to use

1. Begin by gently brushing out all of the knots in your hair.

2. Evenly dot 1-2 full pipettes of the Mineral Scalp Activator over your scalp. (Amount depends on current thickness of hair).

3. Using your finger tips gently press and massage the serum into the scalp. Stimulating blood blow to the and working the phytocompounds into the scalp for 1-10mins.

3. After massaging in the Mineral Scalp Activator begin your oil treatment by evenly dropping 1-3 full pipettes (depending on the thickness of your hair) directly onto the scalp, massage again for 5 mins working in the oil.

4. Loosely braid or put your hair into a protective hair and leave to soak or nourish for 1-4 hours.

To wash out, simply double cleanse with your shampoo. The formula is easy to wash out.

Notes: Use less of the serum as the concentration is higher. Do not sleep in the oil, this is a pre wash treatment designed to be left in for 1-4 hours.

Herbal Actions

Mineral Scalp Activator

Tasmanian Kelp: Rich in minerals, anti-inflammatory.

Native Snow flower: Antibacterial, prevents dandruff and build up, rich in natural Quercetin and polyphenols necessary for healthy growth.

Aloe vera: Soothing, antibacterial.

Hair Growth Oil

Pumpkin seed: studies show a +30% increase in hair growth using pumpkin seed oil. Nutritive and rich in essential fats for scalp health.

Almond: Soothing, rich in vitamin e.

Rosemary: Circulation, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory.

Peppermint: Circulation, increases depth and number of hair follicles

Parsley seed: Antioxidants, soothing.

Why Australian grown

We believe in finding what works not settling for settling for what is available. Adaptual® exists for that very reason, our founders inability for find high quality Australian grown herbs for health and beauty. Our goal is to champion, build and innovate the Australian medicinal and beauty agriculture industry, harnessing the intelligence of plant science for the community.

Australian grown herbs are superior compared to imported herbs which are majority of the time sprayed with pesticides upon entry even if labeled organic. Like you question where does your food come from, the corporate method of herbalism is incredibly disconnected from the source and developed with out care and intent. We want to highlight the question, Do you know where your health care comes from?


Herbaceous, mint, evergreen, fresh.

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Each bottle of hair growth oil contains the equivalent of 3 pumpkins worth of nourishing cold pressed pumpkin seed oil.

Our pumpkin seed oil is the only 100% Australian grown pumpkin seed oil on the market and is grown from heirloom seeds with the original family who brought them out to Australia.