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Australian Lion's Mane + Turmeric Tincture

Australian Lion's Mane + Turmeric Tincture

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Daily support for brain, stress, inflammation, skin and cortisol.

✓  Herbalist formulated ✓  Efficacious ✓ Rapidly Absorbed ✓ 100% Australian grown ✓ No strong taste and clumping like powders  

Reduce stress, balance cortisol and protect the brain. 

The intentional combination of lion's mane and turmeric is a synergy that amplifies the anti-inflammatory and the brain restorative compounds naturally occurring within both herbs. Lion's mane is scientifically proven to increase neuroplasticity and neurone production in the brain which naturally slows as we age. 

Our turmeric is rich in co enzymes, compounds and oils making it highly bioavalible and  potent without the need for anything to support absorption. Each Lion's mane batch is tested for beta glucans with a minimum 15% and the presence of active compounds including erinacines.



Water, Organic alcohol, Lion's Mane fruit body (Hericium species), Turmeric root (Curcuma longa).

Parts used: 100% Lion's mane fruit body, 100% Turmeric root.

No mycelium, grains or fillers.


Do not consume if you have a culinary mushroom allergy.

Consult your primary health care practitioner before starting new any new health regime. 

The information provided is not intended to and does not substitute medical advice.

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Our Turmeric does not need black pepper or fat for absorption as we extract the whole rhizome, the natural oils and multiple other active compounds within the turmeric are extracted together which work together for a more complete absorption. This is a full spectrum turmeric liquid not just a curcumin extract. We freeze the fresh rhizomes before extraction to burst the cell walls further assisting in extraction of full spectrum compounds.

Aka the ‘brain shroom’ contains active compounds including Hericenones renowned for its ability to stimulate and promote nerve growth factor in the brain this is essential for healthy brain aging and memory. Recent preclinical studies at the University of Queensland have found that Lion’s Mane extract ‘had a significant impact on the growth of brain cells and improving memory'. Read more about it here.